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License Renewal Registration System

REGister - Track - Renew

“Capture and keep your renewals”

myREG is a dedicated licensing renewal reminder system in place to track newly activated licensing for the purpose of consistently and reliably managing client license renewals for all types of licensed products and services.

This is a system designed and maintained by and for software/services resellers. From initial activation & registration through to renewal period myREG is a fully managed service which includes automated reminders as well as end-user data base and renewal order management. myREG allows the reseller to be able to quickly asses opportunity & easily capture renewal revenue by alleviating the wasted man-hours involved with manually tracking & managing the communication & collection of individual license renewals. ... continue

Benefits of myREG



Quickly, thats how!

The myREG system is meant to be a quick and simple way to register a newly activated license. At the time a new license has been activated an entry is made into myREG recording a few basic, but key details. From there, myREG will keep you up-to-date on the renewal period associated with that license by sending out an email notifying you to the upcoming renewal.

By entering a few key details such as license term, unique user/client identifier (email, name, phone number, etc…) and any supplementary notes - you're in and out in less than a minute.
At that point a reminder is set to notify you just before your clients license expires, *and more importantly - before the automated renewal pop-up appears on your clients PC alerting them to renew through the manufacturer site.

Key benefits available to registered myREG Members include the ability to:

- Send custom emailed renewal notifications to a key individual and/or department within your organization, as well as your client informing them of their upcoming renewal, thereby decreasing the time spent contacting each client individually.
- Customize your renewal notifications - notify your client of any specials/promotions that might be available to them at the time of their renewal.
- Create one centralized database where your renewalble busniess can be recorded, and consistently tracked ensuring renewal revenues are never lost.

- (coming soon) Set up a renewal order management page where your client may go to finalize the purchase of their renewal - again, decreasing the time spent communicating back and forth finalizing the sale of a renewal.



To capture and keep renewal revenues - essentially giving you more control and contact with your client base.

The sale of most any type of licensing is never final. Licensing renewals mean "recurring revenue" and recurring revenue is something that is quite often forgotten about much to the benefit of software developers/manufacturers. (i.e. Antimalware/Antivirus companies)

Many software developers have their own "renewal reminder" systems built-in set to alert their users / your clients to an upcoming license renewal effectively keeping any potential renewal revenue to themselves.

- Fact is; to capture a single renewal may not be worth the time and effort it takes to go out and get it. This is true to an extent but there needs to be some emphasis on the Bigger Picture!
This is the very reason why most software developers have a system in place keep control over the renewal system themselves, mainly because they cannot rely on their own resellers/partners to maintain the system themselves.
All software developers see the big picture … an entire user base that is maintained by an automated renewal reminder system means reliable, recurring revenue!

myREG gives the reseller a consistent, cost effective and efficient way to capture and keep renewal revenue.