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capture and keep your renewals.

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About myREG

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This is a system designed and maintained by and for software/services resellers.
From initial activation & registration through to renewal period myREG is a fully managed service which includes automated reminders as well as end-user data base and renewal order management.
myREG allows the reseller to be able to quickly asses opportunity & easily capture renewal revenue by alleviating the wasted man-hours involved with manually tracking & managing the communication & collection of individual license renewals. ... continue

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Simply click the myReg Badge fill out a quick form and we will send you a username and password. Login in and test us out. You will wonder how you ever lived without myREG.

By entering a few key details such as license term, client details (email, name, phone number, etc…) and any additional key details regaridng the transaction - you're in and out in less than a minute.

After the term or period has been booked a reminder is sent notifying your clients to an upcoming renewal period,   *and more importantly - before any potential automated reminders appear directing your client to renew through the manufacturer site.

- Custom emailed renewal notifications can be sent to a key individual and/or department within your organization, as well as your client informing them of their upcoming renewal.
myREG assist in decreasing the time spent contacting each client individually.

- Customize your renewal notifications - notify your client of any specials/promotions that might be available to them at the time of their renewal.
- Create one centralized database where your renewalble busniess can be recorded, and consistently tracked ensuring renewal revenues are never lost or left untracked.